1 Way to Achieve Your Goals

Have you looked at your New Year resolutions lately? Do you remember what resolutions you set for the year 2015? Most of us set resolutions at the beginning of the year but we never look at them until we have to set resolutions for the New Year again, and so the cycle goes on…..
How many people do you know that want to achieve a certain goal but never do anything to achieve it? How many people do you know that want to exercise and lose weight but never get to do it. Some people plan to start a business, some plan to improve their careers, some have goals to improve their relationships yet few of us sometimes get to do what we hope to achieve.
Research shows that 80% of people who set New Year resolutions never follow through on taking action to achieve their goals. So many of us could achieve so much; - just by improving our approach to goal achievement in life.
I have learnt that one way to achieve goals is to start thinking more of what you are going to do to achieve your goals instead of what you want as a goal. So instead of thinking about the promotion that you want in your job, start thinking more about the behavior that you will adopt to get the promotion, or the skills that you will develop.
Instead of thinking about losing weight and exercising start thinking about what you will start doing to lose weight. Instead of thinking about what it would be like to have financial freedom, start thinking about what you will do to gain financial freedom. This takes mental discipline and a higher level of consciousness but it will definitely change your performance towards achieving your goals.

Science proves that those who think more of what they will do to achieve their goals achieve much more than those that just think about their goals without thinking about the practical implementation steps. If you want to put this in practice and change your life I have developed a very simple way of doing it……Take a two sided blank piece of paper, write down your goal, turn the paper around, at the back of it write down what you will do right now to start achieving your goal then make a commitment to yourself to do it…..

I wish you the best of luck on your success journey.


Author, "Young, Wise and Kick-S"


How to motivate yourself to act

Most of us know the right thing to do but we don’t always do it. Most of us know it is good for our health to exercise, that we should spend time cultivating relationships with our kids and partners so that we have a happy family life and that we should be networking so that we can grow our careers and businesses and so on…….but we just do not always do what we know. Why?

Knowing what is right or what you need to do doesn’t always guarantee that you will execute what you know and succeed. In order to get yourself to do what you know will help you succeed, you need motivation to do so. Here are the few things you can do to motivate yourself:

Spend time with people that are better than you, people that will make you feel disturbed so that you can have motivation to demand more from yourself.
Remind yourself why you need to act…..when you have strong “whys” and you remember them it always helps you with the motivation towards the achievement of your goal
Set a higher standard in all areas of your life…for your health, relationships, business goals and career as well as family.
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I wish you the best of luck on your success journey.



Phillip Ramphisa

Author, “Young, Wise and Kick-S”