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Youth Development

At FriendinLife we truly believe that the future of the world belongs to the youth. We believe that in addition to the improvement of the quality of education and support groups within society another way to ensure that the future of the young generation is bright is through teaching the youth how to perform at their peak. We offer various services for the development of the youth including the following:

Life Skills Training

Young people sometimes face various challenges in their lives from peer pressure, to family problems and sometimes depression that leads to substance abuse. Our life skills training offers young people strategies to overcome obstacles in their lives and ensure that they create a brighter future for themselves. We discuss the specific needs to the clients to tailor our training towards solving the problems that the client would want us to solve.

Mentoring and Coaching

FriendinLife is associated with individuals that young people can relate to and learn from. This places us in a good position to mentor and coach young people towards their journey of success. We do not just lecture young people but also share our own experience to help them learn and shape their future.

Youth Development Workshops

We facilitate workshops to develop youth leadership skills. During these workshops we teach young people how to have a winning mentality, how to overcome problems, how to build networks and they can perform at the highest level so that they can realize their dreams.

Youth Motivational Speaking

We have various motivational speaking topics aimed at creating energy and emotional attachment towards the achievement of goals amongst young people. Some of our topics include the following

  • Want Better (where we teach young people how to demand more from themselves in order to be outstanding)
  • How to become a Kick-S Young Person (This topic teaches young people how to handle social dynamics, and how to have better self-control to maximise goal achievement)
  • How to Become a Winning Young Person (This topic teaches young people how to become successful)

We discuss our topics with clients to tailor a suitable message.


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